LotGD riddles

Answers: Place the mouse in the blank line below a riddle to view the answer. (Note: Some of the Gremlin's knowledge is too deep for us to fathom, and in place of an answer you will see only a question mark. In addition, some answers that do appear have not been tested yet. If you should gain knowledge of any of these answers, please submit it to jturtle@machlink.com )

Walks in the wind
Runs in the rain
Makes dry oceans in the sun
Counts time, stops clocks
Swallows kingdoms, gnaws rocks.
Two horses, swiftest travelling,
Harnessed in a pair, and
Grazing ever in places
Distant from them.
Answer: Sand Answer: Eyes
Up a hill,
Down a hill,
Over them I may roam,
But after all my walking,
There's no place like my own.
Little Nancy Etticote,
In a white petticoat,
With a red nose;
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.
Answer: Home Answer: Candle
You seized me, and yet I fled
You see me flee and cannot hold me tight
You press me in your hand, then your fist is empty.
What am I?
I am one eye in the midnight sky
Footprints in the sand
Symbol of love and adventure too
And where the eagle lands.
Answer: ? Answer: Moon
A red drum which sounds
Without being touched,
And grows silent,
When it is touched.
Pronounced as one letter
Written with three.
The same front to back,
watch with me and see
Answer: Heart Answer: Eye
My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick
Fat, I am slow
Wind is my foe.
I'm up.
I'm down.
I'm all around.
Yet never can I be found.
Who am I?
Answer: Candle Answer: ?
Ancient of ancients
lost so long ago
my necks were long, but my heads were small
I have a frill on my neck
I ruled this world and now am gone
remember me
If you break me
I do not stop working,
If you touch me
I may be snared,
If you lose me
Nothing will matter
Answer: Dinosaur Answer: Heart
Hick-a-more, Hack-a-more,
On the King's kitchen door.
All the King's horses,
And all the King's men,
Couldn't get Hick-a-more, Hack-a-more,
Off the King's kitchen door
I make you shiver in sunshine
Turn your nose red
I keep you from the office
and send you to your bed
I will go away
and come back again
You know me very well
But I am never your friend.
Answer: ? Answer: Cold
As a whole I am both safe and secure.
Behead me, and I become a place of meeting.
Behead me again, and I am the partner of ready.
Restore me and I become a domain of beasts.
I sleep in the deep
And wrecks are my home
when find me you do
the birds like my bone
Answer: Stable Answer: Fish
Each morning I appear
To lie at your feet,
All day I follow
No matter how fast you run,
Yet I nearly perish
In the midday sun
In daytime I lie pooled about,
At night I cloak like a mist.
I creep inside shut boxes and
Inside your tightened fist.
You see me best when you can't see,
For I do not exist.
Answer: Shadow Answer: Darkness
I stand,
And look across the sea,
With its waves, crests, troughs, and valleys.
I stride,
Across this water, my horse following after,
And while it laps against his withers,
And brushes against my thighs,
I fill the emptiness with laughter.
And he - with his sighs.
Whether do we go?
Or do we go at all?
Or are we simply out here wading,
To the next port of call.
Where the sea ends,
Where the loam lays firm beneath my feet,
And I can mount my steed again,
And continue til next we meet.
What is really being talked about?
Answer: ?
I saw a company a marching,
A marching across the sea.
And looking upon them,
I asked myself "What can they be?"
For there was a horse,
And there was a cow,
And there were men marching,
With houses and trees. But how?
I saw a company marching,
A marching across the sea.
And wondered in my rest,
How lazy I must be.
I am a wonderful help to women,
The hope of something to come. I harm
No citizen except my slayer.
Rooted I stand on a high bed.
I am shaggy below. Sometimes the beautiful
Peasant's daughter, an eager-armed,
Proud woman grabs my body,
Rushes my red skin, holds me hard,
Claims my head. The curly-haired
Woman who catches me fast will feel
Our meeting. Her eye will be wet.
Answer: Clouds Answer: Onion
Wishes I washes,
Can get it in my hair,
Makes me not look too fair
For our ambrosia we were blessed,
by Jupiter, with a sting of death.
Though our might, to some is jest,
we have quelled the dragon's breath.
Who are we?
Answer: Mud Answer: Honeybees/Bees
The wise and knowledgeable man is sure of it.
Even the fool knows it.
The rich man wants it.
The greatest of heroes fears it.
Yet the lowliest of cowards would die for it.
What is this upon which I ponder
Dagger of ice in the guts
harbinger of hate
and death
I set the heart aflame
sear the eyes
and bring nightmares to your sleep
Answer: Nothing Answer: Sword?
I am a room with no windows
no doors
no curtains
no people
Of these things - I have two.
One for me - and one for you.
And when you ask about the price,
I simply smile and nod twice.
Answer: Mushroom Answer: Sharing
I heard of an invading, vanquishing army
sweeping across the land, liquid-quick;
conquering everything, quelling resistance.
With it came darkness, dimming the light.
Humans hid in their houses, while outside
spears pierced, shattering stone walls.
Uncountable soldiers smashed into the ground,
but each elicited life as he died;
when the army had vanished, advancing northward,
the land was green and growing, refreshed.
There's someone that I'm always near,
Yet in the dark I disappear.
To this one only I am loyal,
Though in his wake I'm doomed to toil.
He feels me not (we always touch);
If I were lost, he'd not lose much.
And now I come to my surprise,
For you are he - but who am I ?
Answer: Rainstorm Answer: Shadow
At the sound of me, men may dream
Or stamp their feet
At the sound of me, women may laugh
Or sometimes weep
What is it you have to answer?
But to answer you have to ask?
And to ask you have to speak?
And to speak you have to know,
The answer.
Answer: Music Answer: Riddle
I sleep in a mansion of deep blue and ice
Stories are told of how I began
They said I could not do this
Yet here I am
What is greater than God,
Worse than the Devil,
Dead man eat it,
If you eat it you'll die
Answer: Titanic Answer: Nothing
I'm a strange contradiction; I'm new, and I'm old,
I'm often in tatters, and oft decked with gold.
Though I never could read, yet lettered I'm found;
Though blind, I enlighten; though loose, I am bound,
I'm always in black, and I'm always in white;
I'm grave and I'm gay, I am heavy and light-
In form too I differ - I'm thick and I'm thin,
I've no flesh and bones, yet I'm covered with skin;
I've more points than the compass, more stops than the flute;
I sing without voice, without speaking confute.
I'm English, I'm German, I'm French, and I'm Dutch;
Some love me too fondly, some slight me too much;
I often die soon, though I sometimes live ages,
And no monarch alive has so many pages.
Answer: Book
One where none should be,
or maybe where two should be,
seeking out purity,
in the kings trees.
What am I?
Many shapes and sizes
flaring with colour or monochrome
Mountains or faces or dragons or cobras
I go wherever you go
I am the legend, the story, the myth
and the loved ones
Answer: Unicorn Answer: Clouds
I have eyes yet cannot see
I am sour and I am sweet
I am underfoot and close to land
Answer: Potato?
I drive men mad
For love of me,
Easily beaten,
Never free
I am swift as the wind ,and free as the skies
'neath soft waves flowing my voice is my guide
Close to thee I am, yet never you fear
when in peril at sea, we to thee appear.
Answer: Gold Answer: Dolphin
It sat upon a willow tree,
And sang softly unto me.
Easing my pain and sorrow with its song,
I wished to fly, but tarried long.
And in my suffering,
The willow was like a cool clear spring.
What was it that helped me so?
To spend my time in my woe
Answer: Bird
Round she is, yet flat as a board
Altar of the Lupine Lords.
Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea.
Unchanged but e'erchanging, eternally
Shifting, Shifting, Drifting deep.
Below me great and mighty cities sleep.
Swirling, Scurlling, All around.
I'm only where no water will be found.
Answer: Moon Answer: Desert
I can be moved.
I can be rolled.
But nothing will I hold.
I'm red and I'm blue.
And I can be other colors too.
Having no head, though similar in shape,
I have no eyes - yet move all over the place.
What am I?
Answer: Wheel?
I wait in my home for you to find me
then you may never leave
Up in the attic or down in the garden
or over your head in the eaves
I live three men's lifetimes
On land or on sea
at peace in either realm
my home goes with me
Answer: Spider Answer: Turtle
From the sky I come with a cry of anger
I exist for a moment only in the eyes of time
I have power beyond imagination
yet am lost in the blink of an eye
I can be created by many things.
I can be of any shape or size.
I am created for many reasons.
I can shrink or grow with time
Answer: Lightning Answer: Hole
What gets wetter the more it dries?
Answer: Towel