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(with The Cellar Boys). When nolaying gigs or repairing pianos, John enjoys restoring his antique Hudson Terraplane cars John Otto (clarinet) is honored to be here in Muscatine.  A trad jazz reedman for over 40 years, John has worked with: West End Jazz Band; Red Rose; The Swing Shift Orchestra; The Salty Dogs; The St. Louis Ragtimers; The New Black Eagles; the Birmingham, AL Symphony; and many others. He has played with artists including Jim Beebe, Vince Giordano, Marty Grosz, Wayne Jones, Josh Duffee, John Sheridan and Tom Pletcher. Movie appearances include Public Enemies and Return To Me. In Chicago, John can be seen and heard at the legendary Green Mill Jazz Club (with The Fat Babies) and at the Honky Tonk BBQ

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